Next Big Thing: We are facing a paradigm shift in the computer industry. The way we interact with computers and consume digital content will change dramatically in the future. A similarly radical change occurred in the past. The cryptic way computers were operated, using a command line in the mid 1980s was revolutionized by Apple and Microsoft, with the mouse via the graphical desktop.

Making Something People Love: We don't build a one-shot rocket startup to hit the mountain top- to reach the summit you need a steering wheel to dodge obstacles on your way. No more developing on time, on budget and on schedule a product that no one needs..

Best Ideas turn in to Corporate Culture: Mistakes are allowed. This is one of the ways to challenge changing technology paradigms. If people are unwilling to take calculated risks, which at times result in errors one can learn from, because they can be fired, there will only be incremental improvements in development – the audacious decisions allowing big leaps in innovation and leaving our competitors in the dust, will be lacking. We want to create a corporate climate in which each person will evolve and contribute value. Emphasis is placed on lean management and agile software development through the Scrum Method.

make the world suck less

In each paradigm shift, new industries are born overnight . Big companies grow from small ideas and dominant giants are replaced. This is the fertile ground for our ventures!


Asking our early adopters what they want translates into building "faster horses"- we try to identify their pain and find a scalable solution for it.


The only proof of skill, is to do it. Building a minimal viable product helps to understand our point of view.


Collect as much validated data as possible from our early adopters to proof our hypothesis. They are the most precious good in our company!


Learning to find the right way to build value is the only purpose of a startup.


The art of pivoting is changing our strategy without losing the vision, and reaching our milestones.


Through fast iteration it is possible to turn mistakes and errors into valuable lesson.

Let’s embark together on the next digital transformation!

You are a visionary believing in agile and lean software development as a cornerstone of successful tech start-ups? You share our passion for using technology to disrupt business processes and revolutionize sectors for the benefit of humanity, generating value-added for the equity partners? Apart from money you can open doors to the real estate, hotel, tourism, yacht/boat, edutainment or health care industries? You are aware that starting a business is not a bed of roses? Then we should talk.

Venture Capital

We love to build cool stuff, pushing what is possible and trying to imagine the future.
We are looking for bold risk-takers, who share our vision and help us to turn our venture into a game-changing tech start-up with global impact.