Virtual Reality Point of sale solution

Ensure your money is spent on the right vacation package

Travelling is about experiences and emotions. Emotions help people take decisions. Happy customers will likely book your services again, spreading positive word-of-mouth further fueling your business. Plain 2D photos and videos are often misleading. They just offer glimpses of certain hotel or resort areas, as well as emblematic destination sites. Arouse emotions by offering 360º VR views, highlighting the spots to visit, the hotel/resort facilities and ensure, your customer takes the right decision when opting for a particular destination, package and hotel. Nothing is worse for a tourist than realizing, once arrived at the destination that the money was ill spent! You may have sold one package, but your customers will be hesitant to book through you again. Differentiate your services through VR content.


Cruiseboats today offer a variety of facilities and differ in their size and services. Even so, the available space inside the cabin tends to be more limited. Given the cost of cruise vacations and the fact that passengers will be spending anywhere between one to two weeks aboard, customers are eager to ensure they make the right choice. VR is the ideal tool by allowing potential passengers to “board” and experiencing the vessel before deciding on the booking. Let them tour the upper deck, the sunbeds, pool areas, sports facilities, concert hall, restaurant, the different cabin categories or simply just enjoy dawn or dusk.