VR-Immersive Real Estate

Virtual Reality is a powerful sales support tool for the real estate sector

The Problem


The most challenging part in real estate sales is selling from a blueprint. Most customers can't imagine how a house or a room would look like just from an illustration or even CG photos. With virtual reality we have a powerful tool. It's hard to describe if you have never tried 3D goggles like Oculus Rift, but it's really a full immersion experience- your brain is completely tricked!

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The Solution is VR

Please allow photo to load. On desktop, keep mouse button pressed while dragging the photo for 360º viewing. For mobile viewer, just move your portable device 360º.

Take a closer look

This demo is Oculus Rift (DK2)ready press "Strg Enter" to switch in VR Mode when demo is running. Oh and use mouse, Keyboard or a Xbox controller to walk around.

Download Demo for your Windows PC
(requires DX11)

Be ushered through your dream asset by your advisor (one-on-one)

Direct personal contact with your customers is a vital component in your business. They may not own a VR visor but, you will offer these in your office to demo their new dream property prior to them making their likely, most significant life-time investment.

Combine 3D 360º CGI simulations with actual photos.

Whether your property exists or not, our system enables your sales representatives to interact in real-time with your customers. Highlight the uniqueness of your assets, vacation package or architectural design.

Costs Savings Using VR-Immersive Platform

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Comparison Results
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Average Monthly Time Spent Visiting Physical Properties (minutes)
Average Monthly Saved Time (minutes)

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