VR Content Creation

Capture more than just a picture

360° Real Life VR Video/Photo

A fast, cost effective way to present your existing assets. Dive into any virtual situation with a 360º view, toggling between photos or simply enjoying the recorded video tour. Applying the latest motion picture-capturing technology with software, unprecedented content is created. By using innovative laser technology we can also create 3D photos for simulations.

Why 360° Real Life VR Video/Photo

Someone once said, a photo speaks 1,000 words. A video is slightly more powerful showing you a more complete context. A 360° view provides the most comprehensive “picture” of all. See what happens beyond a simple 2D video or 2D photos by experiencing the same 360° view of the photographer or video producer. This solution also offers 3D photos allowing users to virtually walk through existing properties.

Manage your VR architecture content on the fly!

Show your customers around their virtually existing assets. Display photos or videos to focus their attention on key design elements and USPs. Provide them with the necessary comfort to ensure they make the right investment decisions.