VR Dynamic CGI

Who said, game engines are only for games?

VR Dynamic CGI

Whether simple static 2D, or more complex dynamic 3D renders, animations, videos or visualizations, we are flexible and ensure the output creates value for your business. With Dynamic CGI (computer-generated images) you can freely explore the present or future environment and emulate your vision from any angle at any time. Modern game engines, such as Unreal or Unity, can provide an incredible photo-realistic experience. The game engines applied by our team are powerful tools used for developing AAA games across all gaming platforms (e.g. PC, Playstation, Xbox, Android, iOs, etc.), offering native integration for all market-prevalent VR visors (e.g. Oculus Rift, Steam Vive, Sony Morpheus, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Google Cardboard…). Multiplayer mode allows you to accompany your customers or colleagues during the VR tour, on your PC, whether you are all in the same physical location or at different ends of the globe.

Why Dynamic CGI?

We work with cross functional teams of game developers, architects, UI designers and industrial designers to transform your project into an incredible vivid, state-of-the-art experience. If your customer needs an exclusive hyper-realistic visit of his/her future investment, vacation destination or tour package, just to name a few, do not dream further – the future has arrived! Dynamic CGI enables exploring objects, not physically present or existent, via your VR goggles. Appreciate relative dimensions and arouse emotions!

Download Demo for your Windows PC
(requires DX11)
Download Demo for your Mac
(requires OpenGL 4)

Predefine the 360º-view User Experience

Do you wish to demo an inexistent property or product? We create computer-generated images (CGI) in photo or video format with 360º views.

At times, due to technical constraints, time limitations or to focus user attention on particular viewpoints, predefining the 360º CGI photos that can be viewed or creating a CGI video path, permits more effective discussions and evaluations between your customer and yourself. VR visors differ in their capabilities, user-friendliness, operating conditions and graphic-processing power. Content can be prepared to offer the best user experience, in light of such circumstances to meet your goals in the most cost effective way.